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mardi, 16 avril 2013

... hair were ...

¿How come same

number of

signs draws fine lines

"La Babinière", 123, rue de la Presle, Tours, 23 avril 2008

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lundi, 15 avril 2013

... were hair ...

Wish there were

stripes on my forehead

wrinkles on my legs

hair on the sky's face

Wish someone would

walk around this spider's web

plucking flowers for a barn,

picking their nostrils on a ship

Wish there's a cloud,

a crowd of rainy arguments

woozy with bassoony breaths

Wish you'd rest a little with me,

stripped of your bad old godforsaken


and blonde hair.

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samedi, 23 mars 2013

all day

all these people

reposting old stuff

day in day


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vendredi, 22 mars 2013

they're as I told you (“street waves”)

they're nothing new

street waves They can be cumber

some bothersome annoy

ing STREET WAVES such as were get

ting on nerves so wet

your bed you feel like it

they're nothing new

street waves they're not for you

sparks way back in '78

don't cry it from the chimneytops

street waves left me aloof

Was in a trance I was in a


nothing new

see this is just as I told you

jeudi, 14 mars 2013

no one left

no one in their right minds

: ¿would have left

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mercredi, 13 mars 2013

another kettle in the misspelling

another kettle of fish

the crow calls for seconds

no episode that's odd enough

what's the point of spilling the beans

of a sudden

stilettoed unsilent tread

what's wrong with telling

itlike it isn't

yousee there's no argument

the fierceness of it all beats me

I'm all shook up says my mother

& I'd rather

call again again call for seconds

minutes lost in the misspelling