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lundi, 02 juillet 2012

Les fastes de Gargantua

Qu'à un moment donné drogue et tennis furent fastidieux, et toute cette fin de juin, pourtant, resta sans lecture. Le golf vu comme un jeu de billard sur une table immense, tout en rage anale et bérets à carreaux. [163]Garçon de guinguette, une bière ! on étouffe ici, se désosse, s'assoiffe.

Et dire aussi que quand on défèque, c'est comme si on priait – posture tendre d'amen au monde. [103]

Et les cafards volants, les cafards entre les draps et sur les murs, [45] les cafards que vous hallucinâtes, cafards tisseurs de toile et cafards au fond des placards, obscurs grouillements dans la perte sauvage des moindres repères.

Tu me demandes comment on prononce désosser et tu me demandes ce que veut dire… ce que veut dire quoi, déjà? écoute les trompes, nous réfléchirons plus tard, en posture d'acceptation.





In this dream, which every now and then still recurs, I am standing publicly at the baseline of a gargantuan tennis court. I'm in a competitive match, clearly: there are spectators, officials. The court is about the size of a football field, though, maybe, it seems. It's hard to tell. But mainly the court's complex. The lines that bound and define play are on this court as complex and convoluted as a sculpture of string. There are lines going every which way, and they run oblique or meet and form relationships and boxes and rivers and tributaries and systems inside systems: lines, corners, alleys, and angles deliquesce into a blur at the horizon of the distant net. I stand there tentatively. The whole thing is almost to involved to try to take in all at once. It's simply huge. And it's public. A silent crowd resolve's itself at what may be the court's periphery, dressed in summer's citrus colors, motionless and highly attentive. A battalion of linesmen stand blandly alert in their blazers and safari hats, hands folded over their slacks' flies. High overhead, near what might be a net-post, the umpire, blue-blazered, wired for amplification in his tall high-chair, whispers Play. The crowd is a tableau, motionless and attentive. I twirl my stick in my hand and bounce a fresh yellow ball and try to figure out where in all that mess of lines I'm supposed to direct service. I can make out in the stands' stage-left the white sun-umbrella of the Moms; her height raises the white umbrella above her neighbors; she sits in her small circle of shadow, hair white and legs crossed and a delicate fist upraised and tight in total unconditional support.


The umpire whispers Please Play.


We sort of play. But it's all hypothetical, somehow. Even the 'we' is theory: I never get quite to see the distant opponent, for all the apparatus of the game.


the deflated bladder had landed in the Marching Terriers’ sousaphone player’s sousaphone and had been handed over to Joelle after extrication by the lardy tubist, sweaty and dumb under the girl’s Actaeonizingly imploring gaze –

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