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vendredi, 01 juillet 2005

1er JUILLET (10ème note du jour ?)

Lu à l’instant, et terriblement d’actualité :

«They called it the rentrée, which meant that the lemmings were rushing home from the coast. This was a nation that claimed to represent the soul of European culture, the seat of her intellect, yet they all chose the same month for their annual vacation, set off in a bunch as if a gun had been fired for the start of a mammoth marathon amphibian race, for the cars that clogged the traffic nearly all dragged or carried on their roofs yachts, sailing boats, catamarans and other floating craft, and that was the way they re-entered Paris […] setting off as if by arrangement so that they arrived at the same time in Paris, honking, cursing and gesticulating more from ritual instinct than from purpose or realistic expectation of any change in the snail’s pace of their repossession of a city they had abandoned to a much despised but lucrative season of tourism.» (Wole Soyinka. Ibadan. London: Minerva, 1995, p. 58)

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