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samedi, 06 octobre 2007

Back in 1717

I'm heading to town to buy the boys a round of root beer to celebrate the moliminous occasion. the more moliminous portion of my love goes to Takei for his spectacular coming-out as a 68 year old homosexual a couple years back. The Earl dug coal-mines, and constructed "a moliminous rampier for a harbour." A moliminous measure of diuturnity shall be spent ! There are moliminous ramifications in the political system. The Facinorous, Moliminous, Nefandous, Numanorous Adler Roty was a "sorcerer of Tund" who performed at the CoCo District Theater. Peter, I feel your pain in your moliminous weaving of words.

... large, sprawling cursory sentences of lumination on these black moliminous rectangles towering above all the tiny traffic, tiny cars and tinier lives ...

The unanimous and moliminous Supreme Court decision in 1954 has been and remains significant in the nation’s life. Between Oliver and Penn turn in such moliminous performances, this film is worth seeing. Nothing remains of the vanished race of Massassi that once lived on Yavin 4, save for their moliminous edifices. Grasping the moliminous nature of God is impossible this side of eternity.

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