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mercredi, 12 octobre 2016

▓ a common everyday chador ▓

Toujours dans ma réexploration de Knots, je livre, sans commentaires pour une fois, et en raison de mon précédent billet, le magnifique début du chapitre 3 :


Cambara enters the living room, half of which is bathed in amber light, the other curtained away and covered in the somber darkness of a black cloth, similar in color and texture to that of a common everyday chador.

As she walks in, her hand instinctively inches toward and eventually touches her head, which is swathed in a head scarf. She is self-conscious that she did not ease the tangles in her matted hair, considering that she did not succeed in running a comb through its massy thickness before coming down.

(Knots, ch. 3 — Riverhead, 2007, p. 36)



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